Mobility issues affect the quality of life of our residents, our visitors, our businesses and their employees, all of whom are spending increasingly more time in traffic.

Photo of Bill Meadows addressing the media

Bill Meadows – Chairman, Texas High-Speed Rail Commission, addresses the media


Photo of Interstae 35W interchange

Interstate 35W interchange

Transportation Acronyms and Terms


CDA – Comprehensive Development Agreement, a tool established in HB 3588 to facilitate public-private partnerships and bring private capital (equity) into funding transportation improvements.


CMAQ – Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality, a transportation funding category established in ISTEA and continued in TEA-21…category 5 in the UTP…it provides federal funding to MPOs in nonattainment areas via DOTs for projects that improve air quality.


DCTA – Denton County Transportation Authority, a coordinated transportation authority in Denton County.


DRMC – Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition, an organization of cities, counties and public transportation agencies in a five-county region on the eastern side of the DFW Metroplex that advocates for transportation policy, funding and solutions on a local, state and federal level.


EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, the federal agency that addresses environmental issues.


DOT – Department of Transportation, the federal agency that addresses transportation issues.


FHWA – Federal Highway Administration, a division of DOT.


4A, 4B – Development Corporation Act sections that permit cities to levy with voter consent a sales tax for economic development and other specific uses.


MPO – Metropolitan Planning Organization, federally mandated to develop transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas.


MTP – Metropolitan Transportation Plan, the region's long range transportation plan (updated every 3 years, 25-year planning horizon).


NCTCOG – North Central Texas Council of Governments, a voluntary association of local governments established in 1966 to plan for common needs, cooperate for mutual benefit and coordinate for sound regional development.


NTC – North Texas Commission, a non-profit consortium of businesses, local governments and higher education institutions that develops strategies, forums and partnerships to address critical problems and key opportunities facing the region.


NTTA – North Texas Tollway Authority, a political subdivision of the State of Texas under Chapter 366 of the Transportation Code, is empowered to acquire, construct, maintain, repair and operate turnpike projects; to raise capital for construction projects through the issuance of Turnpike Revenue Bonds; and to collect tolls to operate, maintain and pay debt service on those projects.


North Tarrant Express (NTE) – a $2.5 billion, 13.5 mile project dedicated to improving mobility along the IH820 and SH121-183/Airport Freeway corridor in Northeast Tarrant County.


RTC – Regional Transportation Council, the MPO for the DFW region, a 39-member policy-making body of local elected and appointed officials who oversee regional transportation planning.


SMP – Statewide Mobility Plan, the capacity component of the UTP.


SPP – Statewide Preservation Plan, the maintenance component of the UTP.


STIP – Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, a three-year financial plan prepared by TxDOT for project development and implementation.


TERP – Texas Emissions Reduction Plan, an incentive program to reduce diesel emissions adopted by the 77th Texas Legislature and funded by the 78th Texas Legislature.


TIP – Transportation Improvement Program, a three-year financial plan prepared by the MPO for project development and implementation.


TMF – Texas Mobility Fund – a new state fund from which debt service is paid on bonds issued for transportation improvements.


Transportation Advocates of Texas, Inc. – A statewide transportation coalition with a mission to eliminate congestion and build needed new infrastructure to increase mobility, create jobs and improve quality of life.


TRE – Trinity Railway Express, the commuter rail service between Fort Worth and Dallas.


TRTC – a broad-based, non-profit group committed to finding solutions to the mobility challenges facing the western half of the DFW Metroplex.


TTC – Texas Transportation Commission, a five member board appointed by the Governor to oversee TxDOT.


TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state agency that addresses environmental issues.


TxDOT – Texas Department of Transportation, the governmental transportation agency in Texas Headquartered in Austin and made up of 21 divisions and 6 offices; four regional support centers provide operational and project delivery support for the agency's 25 geographical districts.


The T – Fort Worth Transportation Authority, bus service provider in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


Tower 55 – intersection of Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks near downtown Fort Worth.


UTP – Unified Transportation Program, a 10-year financial plan that authorizes project planning and development and is submitted annually to the TTC for approval.

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